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JULY 23, 2023 6-8 PM



The PYZON Group provides purchasing assistance and account management for voice, video, internet, and cloud services.  Based on your requirements, a member of our fundamentals team will assist, or if necessary, we will tap one of our qualified experts with a skill set that best meets your needs to support our efforts. 

​For those who decide to work with us, PYZON provides billing and technical support for as long as you are a customer at no cost.  You can avoid the solicitations of sales reps by directing them to us to deal with, and at the same time not risk being abandoned when a customer support issue comes up in the future.

​We negotiate aggressively with our vendors, hold our partners to a high standard, and require everyone we work with to respect our customers.  Our only requirement is that our customers extend that same respect in return.  At the PYZON Group the most important network is the network of our people, not the infrastructure that services are delivered over. 



We do not work for a service provider. Our only bias is for our customer. The company that offers the best balance between price, service, and support, is the company we will recommend. Incentives, bonus structures, and end of month sales pressure from management do not factor into our equation. If you or the offer are not ready, we wait. If offers or needs change then providers may need to change, and they will so long as our customer benefits.


Sales organizations lose more than half their reps every year. Odds are the rep you work with today may not be there in twelve months if you need them. If you order through a call center you are a number in a queue, there is no relationship whatsoever. With us, the same relationship you come to rely on will be intact next month, next year, and beyond, as needed.


Our task, unlike sales reps, is not to find the next customer, the next sale. Instead, we focus on supporting existing customers and ensuring that providers deliver the level of service they have committed to. To see to it that happens we provide ongoing billing and technical support at no cost to every customer indefinitely. Provides may fail, but PYZON will fix.



Organizations have put systems above people. The thinking is that people are replaceable, technology is making them obsolete.  At least until you try to get something done and don't have qualified people to help you. The people that course correct inept bureaucracies getting in their own way. The people who value their reputations and don't accept excuses. These are the people that make up PYZON.  Without these people, you're at the mercy of overburdened systems under delivering on results.  


Deadlines are missed, products under perform or fail. Customer support can spin into a waste of time without resolution. This is why positioning is essential. If you're dependent on a single provider performing without errors or deviations, you're at risk. We don't accept verbal promises or vague commitments in writing. If the terms and conditions are not aligned with our objectives, our clients don't sign. We always do as much of the unpleasant work upfront as we can so there are less worries on the back end.  


With construction,  engineering, logistics, and finance, you have to be aware of all the steps required from ink to activation so that you can navigate effectively. From quote review and provider selection, to order submission and tracking, from service delivery and maintenance, without a tested process, problems are inevitable, it's only a matter of the severity.  We invest time understanding the processes of all the providers we source and stay current on their changes to avoid as much of the unknown as possible.


PYZON did all the legwork.  They covered the benefits and costs of each solution, and took as much time as we needed.  It made the decision process easy.  After we made our choice they stayed plugged into until the installation was complete, and now we have dedicate support just in case for free.  Awesome job!

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Rob and the PYZON team have become our “Easy” button! Not only did they help us consolidate our billing, they oversaw the installation of our camera systems, and helped us source and implement specific internet requirements for each of our sites.  This has taken a ton of the pain out of a very painful process for us.

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Taking care of my customer's internet and voice needs has never been simpler. My customers now have dedicated support and no longer need to call providers and waste their time trying to get assistance. Partnering with the PYZON Group has been one of the best decisions we have made to date. 


We will do our best to make you an offer you can't ignore.

After a review of your inquiry a member of our team will contact you to discuss your needs.  Please provide us with as much info as you're comfortable sharing to help us to be as efficient as possible when responding.  All inquiries are kept confidential.  References are available upon request.

We will be in contact soon, thank you.

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